Are We A City On A HILL?

Matthew 5:14 “You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.

Casting crowns “A City On A Hill” this is a link to their song on you tube.

CITY- a large or important town.

A city is not made up of a single building or business. It takes many working together to make up a city. So when Jesus tells us “you are the light of the world, ” yes He is talking to us as individuals to let our light shine before all men. But I also believe Jesus was very intentional when He uses the word ‘city” or “town” in the next sentence.  We should be part of a church body who represents Jesus much like the moon reflects the sun. We are not the source of light just as the moon produces no light of it`s own. Our light and energy should come when we align our lives with the SON, just as the moon shines when it is aligned with the sun. Our light should never be about us, It should always be about Him. And that works best when we have the support of a CITY “church” on a hill. Take a listen to the song and see why it makes so much since. Bryan often plays it on Sunday morning right after church. You just don`t realize the power of what you are hearing. :-}

Until next time: Seek Wisdom- Speak Truth- & Share Love Pastor Mike Ballard


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